About Us

Welcome to Foxy Fable, where the love of vintage shines bright! A place where fashion boundaries don’t exist and freedom of expression reigns number one. We have no fear when it comes to style. There is no such thing as too much, and over-the-top is what we live for. After all, a good fashion moment is our love language.

Born in the spring of 2022, Foxy Fable has taken on a life of her own. If we’ve learned anything, it’s not about fitting in. It’s about standing out!! We are on a mission to uplift and inspire women to channel the confidence to release that inner fire and be their foxy selves.

We work exclusively with our very own fable babes as models and believe this is what sets us apart from the rest! Every girl deserves her time to shine and a moment to feel beautiful.

Stacked with vintage, recycled and bold pieces, weaving sustainable and new styles that are bound to make a statement. We are in the business of selling cool clothes while helping others radiate confidence along the way.

For the gal who needs to be creative and loves to stand out. For the gal who seeks the unique and dares to be different—unapologetically. For the ever-evolving Fable Babe who knows without a shadow of a doubt, she belongs shining like a star.

We are women-owned, real-life BFF’s and your new best friend when it comes to finding killer one of a kind pieces. It’s love at first find. Every. Single. Time.

Shine bright and stay FOXY.